In 2016 we created the interactive Digital Tin® for BT MyDonate

In 2015 we designed CollecTin® for Tap to Give contactless donations with Visa Europe

Barclaycard are the first UK bank to use CollecTin® and our trial launched in 2016 with the UK’s best know charities.

CollecTin® is now available to all of Barclaycard’s charity customers.

CollecTin® is compatible with the Barclaycard Anywhere app and Miura M010 Reader.

In January 2015 we prototyped Contactless Donation units for Save the Children

The 100 day Proof of Concept was run by Visa’s Innovation unit Collab and CAF

They were featured in a segment on BBC1’s The ONE Show on 8th April 2015

Sprout Design was founded in 2004 by Cambridge and Royal College of Art graduates Guy Robinson and Robert Brown on winning a Creative Pioneer Award and start-up capital from NESTA to implement Sprout’s business plan.

Sprout’s insight is to use Sustainable and Inclusive Design as the key to innovate disruptive products, services and brands and business models backed up by our multidisciplinary skills and partners.

Over the last 13 years Sprout has worked with multinationals and entrepreneurs to innovate propositions and business models that have created entirely new markets and award winning products.  We’ve employed and collaborated with the most talented and ethically engaged people, and have been fortunate to work with some truly visionary clients.  All of our projects have an important story to tell.

We have a broad range of design expertise from 3D CAD and engineering and technical analysis, prototyping, manufacturing as well as branding, print and web design to bring propositions to life rapidly.  We have an in-house 3D Printer Array for batch production in a wide range of materials, and large format 2D print and cut for packaging and communications.

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