Sprout has worked with ballet shoe manufacturer Capulet to develop the world's most comfortable, high performance ballet pointe shoe. Dancers currently suffer great pain and injuries due to abrasion and high impacts from dancing. Working with users throughout the design process, and support from London Metropolitan University Polymer Centre we created three totally new internal components to minimise the pain and risk of injury that ballet dancers have to suffer. All three are patented.

• First ever ballet shoes are the first ever to incorporate intelligent D3O 'angel' lining
• Biomorphic vamp which moves with dancer's foot to let them feel the floor & better lasting support
• 'Spring shank' system doesn't need to be broken in and engineered to give correct arch with 'C-lock' system for swapping full length (amateur) and three quarter length (professional) shanks

Going into production 2007 Download pointe shoe brochure