One of our services is the writing of design guidelines on sustainable design and on inclusive design. These are specifically tailored to your product area.

The first phase of such a project would be to do a product audit of your product range. Firstly, this will allow us to identify the main sustainability and useability issues which are specific to your product area. Secondly, it will allow us to highlight parts of your product range where improvements can most easily and cost-effectively be made.

We have worked with the Kingfisher Group at a strategic level to develop the two sets of guidelines you see here. They play an important role in Kingfisher's plan for Corporate Social Responsibility as they help buyers make purchasing decisions and they also help suppliers and designers make products line-up with what Kingfisher want. Our product audit was specifically in the garden power tools category, but the guidelines cover the whole product range.

Please contact us to enquire about design guidelines in more detail.

Inclusive Design Guidelines and Sustainable Design Guidelines for B&Q / Kingfisher